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Check out a glossary of terms relevant to anti-racist work.

REAL (Racial Equity and Learning) brings together NPS teachers, staff, students, and caregivers who are committed to developing an anti-racist school district.

Those of us involved seek to deepen our understanding of how race and racism operate in Northampton public schools, and to work together and across our community to create a district that actively opposes racism and promotes racial equity. We are committed to doing the hard, messy, and necessary work of digging into how the domination of whiteness shapes the foundation of the educational system (and other systems) in the U.S. We seek to redistribute power—to de-center white experiences in our schools and center the voices and experiences of people of color.

Part of the NPS community? Share our commitment to an anti-racist school culture? Join our group—and spread the word!

Current Work

There are presently three work groups up and running. If you’re part of NPS, you’re welcome to join any/all, whether or not you’ve been to a REAL meeting.

The Story Sharing Exhibit Subcommittee is behind a digital exhibit and eventual in-person exhibit (2021/22) of stories shared by people in the district about their experiences with race, racism, and whiteness in Northampton public schools. The intention: to help guide school community conversations on these crucial topics. Work will also involve collaborating with teachers (including art teachers!) and students districtwide to expand reach. Contact Deborah Keisch at with interest in joining the effort.

REAL’s Restorative Practices Subcommittee emphasizes building relationships and holding district leadership accountable for its expressed commitment to restorative practices—moving away from punitive school culture based on “power over” and toward a model based on “power with.” The group was recently awarded a small grant from the Collaborative Resolutions Group to design and lead a September 2021 training in restorative practices for REAL members. Contact Kara McLaughlin at with interest.

The Digital Subcommittee maintains this website and REAL’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Contact Kristen Elde at with interest.