Share Your Story

REAL is committed to supporting Northampton Public Schools through the ongoing development and implementation of anti-racist practices, including story collection. We treat all stories submitted to us with respect and care, and we never share a person’s story unless they give us permission to do so.

Wondering what we mean by story? We mean anything and everything that comes to mind. Your experiences and observations, your thoughts, visions, hopes… Tellings of allyship and resistance, racism and whiteness… Stories can come from students, teachers, staff, parents/caregivers, and anyone else with a connection to the district. As far as length, a story might be a single sentence or much longer. If you’d like, check out some examples.

We invite you to share using our secure form or by emailing us a recording/audio file. Please take care to anonymize any potentially identifying details. You’re welcome to submit more than one story, though we ask that you submit them individually, one per form.