Three Miles: An exploration of racial disparities in education.

Doing Our Work: The Greensboro Community City Working Group and Guilford Anti-Racism Alliance host local experts leading dialogue on the roots and nature of racial inequity, including how it plays out in schools (#4, #12).

When Grace Lin Realized She Was Chinese: How Newbery-winning author/illustrator Lin went from drawing white princesses to bold Chinese heroines.

How to Not (Accidentally) Raise a Racist: When white parents talk with their kids about race honestly and compassionately.

Dismantling Racism in Education: A dialogue about what racism looks like and how we can challenge assumptions about race and racism in the context of education.

White Fragility: Rachel Cargle discusses the impact of white fragility on people of color, and Robin DiAngelo talks about ways white people can break down internal barriers to growth.

The Problem We All Live With: A look at a Missouri school district that accidentally stumbled on an integration program in recent years.

Teaching Hard History: Leading scholars and educators discuss the lessons we should have learned in school. “It’s good advice for teachers, good information for everybody.”

America to Me: Following the lives of a dozen high school students in a racially integrated and economically diverse area of Chicago, for a look at what has and has not succeeded in the quest for racial equity in education.

Seeing White: The making of racial whiteness and its ongoing impact throughout our society.