More Caregiver and Educator Support

Teaching Tolerance

Black Lives Matter at School

Racial Justice in Education

Is There Racial Inequality at Your School? (local data on racial disparities in educational opportunities and school discipline)

Anti-bias resources/curriculum support created by local anti-racist author, educator, and mama Tiffany M. Jewell

The Self-Evident Platform (narrative-based multimedia curriculum encouraging educators and students to think critically about the role of race and institutional racism throughout U.S. history; check the site frequently for updates)

Avoiding Racial Equity Detours

Building Anti-Racist White Educators

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

Stages of Racial Identity Development

Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture

100 Race Conscious Things You Can Say to Your Child to Advance Racial Justice

After Atlanta: Teaching About Asian American Identity and History (resource compilation)

Resources on Asian and Asian American histories, identities, and experiences

How to Talk to Your Mixed Race Kids About Race

Talking to Kids About Whiteness

How Should I Talk About Race in My Mostly White Classroom?

A Child Development Professor Explains How and Why to Talk to Kids About Race