Image ID: the background of images 1 and 2 is orange (upper one-third) and purple (lower two-thirds), with a large white square with rounded corners overlaying and within that square, this text in purple: “When I first got to this district I was one of very few people of color in my building. I still am. Every building in the district is staffed predominantly by white people. Almost every administrator is white. There had been a Black principal for a short time just before I came. I was told by a white colleague that he was a reverse racist. 

One day, I found brochures on the table in the staff lounge about a Mormon religious figure who shares a name with this principal–the brochures had an image of a gravestone with his name on it. I wondered if this was a coincidence. Either way, I thought it odd that there would be religious material in the lounge. I checked in about my reaction with a white colleague who I knew to be anti-racist. She said she would take care of it and the brochures were removed. I later heard that this same brochure–showing the former principal’s name on an image of a gravestone–had been posted to his office door.”

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