This story was shared by an NPS parent/caregiver. 

Image ID: the background of images 1 and 2 is orange (upper one-third) and purple (lower two-thirds), with a large white square with rounded corners overlaying and within that square, this text in purple: “I have been struck again and again, both in visiting my son’s school and in attending various school-level and district-level meetings and committees, at how incredibly white–at least visually–the school personnel and administrators are. For a school in which 38 percent of the children are non-white, the predominantly (or maybe exclusively?) white make-up of those who are teaching in and leading the school (and district at large) leaves me concerned. When talking about inclusion or hearing others talk about inclusion in the school, I can’t help but wonder what kids who don’t look like the teachers are thinking, whether consciously or somewhere in the back of their budding minds is, ‘Why do none of the teachers and those with power look like me?’ ‘What does that mean about who gets to make the rules, lead the conversations, and inspire others?’”

Image 3 has the same orange/purple split background, with the white text “Story Themes” running up the lower left side and two columns of white boxes (four per column) displaying our eight story themes. Here, the themes Educational Challenges and Whiteness are emphasized with bright/bold colors.

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