This story was shared by an NPS parent/caregiver.

Image ID: the background of images 1 and 2 is orange (upper one-third) and purple (lower two-thirds), with a large white square with rounded corners overlaying and within that square, this text in purple: “I was surprised to see that they were still teaching Thanksgiving the same (inaccurate and simplistic) way that they did 30 years ago. Our children are more capable of understanding and more sophisticated in their thinking than the current educational status quo allows for. It wasn’t until I was in college and graduate school that I learned ‘the people’s history’ of race relations in our country, and I want the possibility of more depth and understanding for my children, for their generation, and for our country as a whole. It’s time we change the story(ies) to include more voices and more perspectives.”

Image 3 has the same orange/purple split background, with the white text “Story Themes” running up the lower left side and two columns of white boxes (four per column) displaying our eight story themes. Here, the themes Educational Challenges and The Future are emphasized with bright/bold colors.

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