This story was shared by an NPS student.

Image ID: the background of image 1 is orange (upper one-third) and purple (lower two-thirds), with a large white square with rounded corners overlaying and within that square, this text in purple: “One time, I was at a restaurant with my friend and dad. We were the only customers and the employees were just talking in the back. A white waiter started talking about slavery; he claimed it didn’t happen in the North. He went on for a bit and continued to give the North a lot of credit. Everyone seemed a little, I take that back, very uncomfortable. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t feel comfortable confronting anyone.”

Image 2 has the same orange/purple split background, with the white text “Story Themes” running up the lower left side and two columns of white boxes (four per column) displaying our eight story themes. Here, the themes Emotional Response and Race & Identity are emphasized with bright/bold colors.

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